Multipurpose room Mendel4 in Barcelona

Room for rental for hours/days in Barcelona (Sarrià)

 Multipurpose room Mendel4 in Barcelona (Sarrià)

What do you want to do?

Exhibitions, screenings, Showroom, photo shoot, set video, lectures, activities, workshops, training, presentations, meetings … Everything is possible as long as it supports the activity of the other partners. Expose us your Project and we will carefully study it.

Expose project

Room characteristics

  • Diaphanous space of 115 m2. 
  • Surface with 80m2 of maximum use: hall 40 + 40 set/activities. 
  • Height 3.70 m. Bathroom door 90 cm.
  • Access street entrance with 2 doors. 
    • Small gate 90 x 240 cm without barriers. 
    • Large door 320 x 240 cm on demand. 
  • Lighting: adjustable environment and a rail with up to 10 points of light. 
  • Exhibition space mural 15 x 2.5 m. 
  • Hydraulic industrial floor. 
  • Optional Equipment Rental: projector and LED light 4500K light.

 Sala de alquiler por horas  en Sarrià (Barcelona)










 RATES: Depending on the project



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