The cinema as revelation

Guerín. La acedemia de las musas. Cine

La academia de las musas. OV


“Nunca haría una película para hecer una denuncia, imponer una tesis o para intentar mejorar el mundo, sino que hago un apelícula para intentar descubrir algo, para asistir a una revelación y compartir, con ustedes, con el público, esta revelación. Mi deseo de cine, pues, está de ese lado, del cine como revelación …”


A spoken film: aside, the explanations of Professor Rafaelle Pinto, who teaches at the university a course on Dante’s Divine Comedy. On the other, the students asking themselves questions and giving some answer: what are the muses, what is fiction, what is poetics, what are the limits between thought and desire … Life and documentary observation, staging and fiction, crossing, once again, in the work of José Luis Guerin.

At the end of his classes, the teacher is questioned by his wife, suspicious of the academic project he is plotting: an “academy of the muses” that, inspired by classical references, should serve to regenerate the world through the commitment to poetry. The controversial purpose triggers a round of scenes around word and desire.


Awards and nominations of La academia de las musas

Festival L´Alternativa
Película de Clausura

Festival de Locarno
Sección Oficial

Festival de Sevilla
Giraldillo de Oro – Mejor Película

Festival de Valladolid – SEMINCI
Spanish Cinema

Festival Cartagena de Indias
Mejor Dirección

Premios Fenix
Nominación – Mejor Guion
Nominación – Mejor Montaje


Sequoia park in Spain

bosque secuoyas españa

A little forest of giant sequoia trees in Cantabria (Spain)

In the 1940s, a Monte Corona forest consortium planted hundreds of giant redwoods as a source of fast-growing quality wood. The project was abandoned just when the specimens began to have enough entity, and today we can visit a legacy of about three hectares of these incredible giant trees without having to go to the North American national parks. Activity suitable for children.

The Natural Monument of the Sequoias of Cabezón is at the foot of the CA-135 road, the road that leads from Cabezón de la Sal to Comillas, before the town of La Hayuela. Well indicated.
Tourist Office of Cabezón de la Sal Tel. 942 700 332

Source. La Vanguradia 12-30-19

Shared office Coworking Sarrià Sant Gervasi

Oferta espacio de trabajo

compartir oficina, share a desk, coworking Barcelona

Mendel4, a shared and multi-purpose work space

Location. Sarria Sant Gervasi District on JV Foix Avenue.


If you are an entrepreneur, developer, journalist, designer, translator, interior designer, architect or photographer, you may be interested in this offer of work space: 120 m2 of office with work space and meeting. Office kitchen, bathroom and rest area.
Ideal for micro businesses and independent professionals who want all the advantages of an office but without assuming all the structure costs.

In Mendel4 Coworking Sarrià you can work comfortably and receive your customers and suppliers without having to manage your own space and its services. If your structure is small but your work grows and you no longer want to organize it from home, it is a good time to think about sharing an office.

Offer € 125 / month with all office expenses included limited to 2 seats beginning January 2019
Write us using the web form and come to visit us. We know what it is to be an entrepreneur every day!
Space features. Arrange a visit

 ** Offer 2 months. Check conditions of the offer **

COOP25. Governments that ignore the planet

cambio climiatico

Greta Thunberg in COOP25 Summit in Madrid


COOP25. Half of the emissions in the hands of governments that ignore the planet

The twenty-fifth Climate Summit has come to an end. He had to do it last Friday but it was not until Sunday, when the parties reached an agreement and the resulting agreement was somewhat controversial.

The worst reception was that of the environmental associations that they consider to be a step backwards from the Paris Agreement, which was approved at COP 21.

The most controversial point addressed at the Summit was the markets for greenhouse gas emissions. The idea was to develop mechanisms so that countries can exchange CO2 emission rights although, in the end, no agreement has been reached. It was the most thorny issue and, as the representatives of 200 governments have not agreed, this issue will have to wait until 2020.

Another of the Summit’s challenges required countries to present harder emission cut plans. His result was also frustrated. In the end, only 84 countries (42% of the attendees) have committed and among them are Spain, the United Kingdom, France or Germany. From Mendel4 Coworking Sarrià we want to emphasize that neither the United States, nor China, nor India, nor Russia, among others, joined this commitment. Governments that alone are jointly responsible for 55% of the world’s emissions.

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