Atmospheric water generators

Generadores atmosféricos de agua

Atmospheric water generators

Manufacturing water in a sustainable and autonomous way is now possible!
Through condensation technology it is possible to condense the water contained in the humidity of the air, and once liquefied, treat it safely for consumption and with good flavor.
This principle is what different manufacturers use in their drinking water generation equipment.

Initial applications were water supply in humanitarian emergency situations to provide drinking water to the population and field applications such as camps and military maneuvers.
Currently, faced with the climate change scenario with episodes of almost permanent drought and seeking to mitigate the use of plastic, many users of residential projects choose to install atmospheric water generators in their homes.

Funcionamiento generadores atmosféricos de agua

Its advantages are:
- Quality and health: safe, quality drinking water
- High efficiency, the cost per liter generated is 10 times cheaper than bottled water
- Sustainability: the environmental impact of plastic is avoided and does not generate waste
- Autonomy: autonomous generation of water without depending on the distribution network, rain or tanker trucks
- Ease of installation: they are plug & drink equipment. They only need air and an electrical outlet to operate.

For residential projects in locations with water scarcity or poor water quality or taste, atmospheric water generators can be a very successful option in terms of sustainability and autonomy.

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Video & photo for ecommerce and social media

Oferta videos para instagram

Full pack 4 hours all included. Video & Photo

Location. Sarria Sant Gervasi. Avenida JV Foix.


If you have an ecommerce and boost sales on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you will have observed that the quality of the content directly influences Leeds’s acquisition of quality, those that lead you to conversion more quickly.
Every company or entrepreneur goes through different phases. When we reach the point of profitability, growing requires delegating operations and concentrating time on managing and consolidating the business.
Communication and production are operations that can be delegated when you know what you want and how you want it.
In Mendel4 you have a small space for the production of your quality videos and images. With the rental of a session you can include everything you need: backgrounds, lights, assistant, and if you need it, retouching and creativity.

Calculate how many images you are capable of generating in 4 hours of work and tell us what your budget is. We have different rates depending on the time slot and day you choose.

Write us using the web form or come visit us.

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Plato Sarria (Barcelona)

Plató Sarria (Barcelona)




oferta video fotografía barcelona.jpg


Video y fotografía para ecommerce y redes sociales, Barcelona

Alquiler oficina en Sarrià Sant Gervasi



Oficina en alquiler lista para entrar en Sarria, Sant Gervasi, Pedralbes

Ubicación. Distrito Sarria Sant Gervasi. Avenida JV Foix.

Si eres emprendedor, desarrollador, periodista, diseñador, traductor, interiorista, arquitecto o fotógrafo quizá te interese esta oferta de oficina en alquiler para tu equipo de trabajo:
Espacio diáfano de 120 m2 ideal oficina o servicios. Respeta las medidas de seguridad para trabajar en grupo. Altura 3, 70 m. Baño puerta 90 cm. Acceso entrada a a pie de calle frente a jardines. Amueblada y  lista para entrar con  todos los servicios dados de alta: agua, luz, wifi, aire acondicionado.

Opción oficina compartida. Ideal para start up, microempresas y profesionales independientes.
Si estás interesado en esta fórmuila también podemos gestionarlo para ti, con todas las ventajas de una oficina pero sin asumir todos los gastos de estructura.


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Home working with no interfereces in Sarrià

Coworking office Sarria


COVID19 has expelled many professionals out of their offices, first to confinement and then to telework.
More digitized professionals have had this traffic easier because most of their work tools were already on their laptop desktops and the change has in some cases been to move from their company office to the home.

However, there are many employees and professionals who will be gradually incorporated into this type of work and they have verified the existing difficulty to combine efficiency and family life in a balanced way when performed in the same space. Organizations have taken the plunge and are considering the office as a place for coordination and one-off assistance as a place for leadership and training. In this scenario it is easy to imagine that we will spend most of our time working out of the office, at home or visiting customers and suppliers, and only a few days will we go to the office and only when really needed.



At Mendel4 Coworking Sarrià we design an offer for those couples who wish to have their own work space outside the home with an optimized rate. The idea is that the family unit can hire an ideal workspace for teleworking without interference and that its older members can use it indiscriminately to work, study or simply disconnect for a few hours …

In this way, you have a job place  of up to 8 hours a day, away from home, in Sarrià, with the recommended safety distances to receive visits and that you can use yourself or also share with your partner or older children within the same rate.

What does the offer include: Single-seater with a schedule of 8 hours x 5 days a week. Includes: shared table, Wlan, sitting area, meeting room, kitchen.
* Prices without VAT. Offer per pack of 2 months and subject to availability of places. Monopuesto (no more than one user at a time per contracted pack)



Reconciling family life and tele-work

Combining work and family life is not always easy. The main difficulties in wearing it are habits and schedules, adequate space and personal interference.

After years of experience and having tried all the scenarios, working in the office, working at home alone, working at home with the family and working in a shared office or coworking, we chose to work in a coworking.

Working in a coworking allows you to separate and organize your family and work life. Eliminating personal interference increases concentration and personal efficiency, reducing work times and being able to establish tangible boundaries to establish a healthy work schedule. When you mix home and work you can have the weakness to attend to work at any time. When you frame it in a space you know and can remember that your work schedules must be respected, at home it is more difficult.

Coworking is more economical and sustainable because expenses are shared and the monthly cost is small compared to the cost of an office. The shared office has everything you need to carry out your daily activity in safe conditions for you and your visits.


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