Mendel4 Coworking Barcelona


This is the entrance to Mendel4. The office occupies the space where the old garage of a house in Sarrià was. The door is 320 x 240cm and is between two windows and occupies No. 4 of Mendel Street. Hence the name. Just a 5 minute walk from the Town Square or the bar Tomàs, and in front of Avinguda JV Foix (Josep Vicenç Foix) and of Can Ponsic.

The office enjoys sunshine from midday until late afternoon.

Mendel4 is a great place to work, whether you live in Sarrià as if your daily routine pushes you to that point so high in the city…

If you would like to spend hours of work among its thick walls and you are looking for an office to share in Sarrià, we will be happy to show you our hiding place.

There aren’t always vacancies. To check availability you can use our  contact form indicating your professional activity.

Share, save and explore new opportunities.

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